In an environment where Strategy, Management, and Technology converge, d3i consistently delivers innovative ideas and valuable solutions by leveraging technology, skill, and experience to help our customers overcome the challenges of today, while we create the opportunities of tomorrow. Our strength stems from our capabilities and domain knowledge such as Aerospace and Health IT.

Socio-Economic Status:

SBA certified 8(a) status good through Nov 2026; Small Business, Woman Owned Small Business, Economically Disadvantaged Small Business.

About Us

Our professional development programs are aimed at unlocking and opti­mizing employees’
potential by nurturing the fundamentals required for innovation and success.


Thari Saxena

Founder, President, and CEO
Born in a business family, Thari has been immersed in various business roles from a very young age. Having been educated and trained in Business Management she established her first successful business overseas. In the US, she has provided consulting services to government contractors and commercial clients.
d3i’s founders bring over 30 years of experience in ‘C’ Level management positions. Having seen the inefficiencies in organizations, d3i was founded so that they could have the freedom to deliver true value to customers. Recognized in newspapers for innovation, they bring a track record of embracing change and seizing opportunities in new ways. In an environment where Strategy, Management, and Technology converge, d3i consistently delivers innovative ideas and valuable solutions by leveraging technology, skill, and experience to help our customers overcome the challenges of today, while we create the opportunities of tomorrow.


  • Focus on customer

    We exist because of our customers. Helping them succeed helps us succeed.

  • Respect for individuals

    We treat all people fairly. We ask their opinions as to how they can be more effective in meeting the customer’s requirements. We ask how management can help

  • Agility in thinking and actions

    We anticipate our customers needs, embrace change and seize new opportunities in new ways

  • Reward for individuals

    We foster a spirit of entrepreneurship by offering both significant monetary and non-monetary rewards


d3i consistently delivers innovative ideas and valuable solutions by leveraging technology, skill, and experience to help
our customers overcome the challenges of today, while we create the opportunities of tomorrow.

Management Consulting

Organizations continue to be challenged with the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other business demands. d3i provides Program Operations support services that include Administrative support services and the establishment of a PMO as a center of excellence that implements best practices tailored to the unique requirements of the agency. d3i develops a PMO roadmap that details external processes, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement. We support the budgeting, monitoring and control of costs, development and maintenance of Integrated Master Schedules, and the monitoring of performance metrics for continuous improvement.

d3i’s Human Capital practice provides management strategy, organizational behavior, leadership, strategy formulation, organization design, team development, and employee motivation consulting. We develop client specific techniques on how to motivate people, design organizations, improve problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, and introduce and manage change processes. d3i leverages research, analytics and best practices to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership and change programs.

Systems Engineering

d3i’s Systems Engineers, with a strong multi-disciplinary engineering background support the system life- cycle of activities from Mission Analysis and CONOPs to Verification and Validation. The scope and complexity of missions are rising as quickly as pressures to reduce the development, deployment and recurrent costs of supporting systems. Every dollar spent must show a significant return on investment. d3i offers multiple levels of mission analysis and associated concepts of operations (CONOPS) to help strengthen the value of systems used to support missions. Our insights can bridge the gap between the users’ operational needs and the technical specifications to deliver the best results for the User.

d3i helps organizations plan, architect and adapt to complex business requirements while maintaining a stable and controllable operating environment.

d3i We perform AoA studies and in developing a solution, we consider the collection of enterprise systems along with the people, processes and technology that effect operations. We define functional requirements, document processes and interrelationships and design and validate solutions that are efficient and cost-effective.

In our independent verification and validation (IV&V) practice, we verify that processes have been followed and validate whether the end result meets the stated requirements. Our external viewpoint provides an objective assessment in each phase of the development lifecycle to discover and address potential issues before they impact the project and become costly to correct. d3i provides IV&V during preproduction as well as continuous monitoring during later operations and maintenance stages.

Digital Transformations

d3i participates in JAD and DCO sessions to rapidly and accurately capture Requirements, Use Cases, and Stories. We implement DevOps methodology to improve the quality of software by ensuring that the Development Team has a better understanding of User’s O&M requirements. Our Agile approach enables early delivery of prioritized capabilities – a big help in the uncertain budget environments of today. Deficiencies can be detected and corrected early. In budget scarce environments, we employ open source technologies to migrate applications and databases to the cloud.

Automated code and data migration, Test Driven Development, and Continuous Release Management techniques further expedite deployment while reducing costs. We can serve as independent testers to support Quality Assurance activities. Automated testing includes the Trusted Tester approach that we can offer for Section 508 compliance.

Modeling & Analysis

d3i supports the analytical and software development of complex mathematical models for geophysical phenomenon and systems. We support the deployment of these models on supercomputers for simulation and visualization of scientific phenomenon.

Using simulation early in the design process, we identify and correct design errors, mimic the operation of a real system and create virtual environments for training. Through modeling, we represent systems and processes and analyze, test and modify them. Our analysts use the data generated from these activities to provide fresh insights that lead to objective, cost-effective decisions.

d3i assists you in gaining insights from your data. We let you make faster and smarter decisions as you tackle your most complex business issues. We can help you turn insights into action, and action into tangible results. That’s high performance, delivered.  

Our Process

In an environment where Strategy, Management, and Information Technology converge, d3i consistently delivers innovative ideas and valuable solutions by leveraging technology, skill, and experience to help our customers overcome the challenges of today,while we create the opportunities of tomorrow.

d3i’s founders bring the best practices that they implemented from PMBoK, ISO and CMMI processes. Our ITIL certified associates draw from decades of experience with federal clients to provide quality, responsive, and cost effective services. Agile is a “way of life” in the d3i culture - in the management and in the delivery of software and services to clients such as NASA and FAA. Our innovative and quality services are founded on the d3i methodology, a 4-step process that is embedded in all system lifecycle processes.










NASA GISS – Featured Contract

NASA has awarded the Goddard Institute for Space studies (GISS) Support Services contract to SciSpace, a Joint Venture company between d3i Systems and Business Integra. GISS, located in Manhattan, NY, is a world leader in performing climate research. Our staff of researchers, programmers will support the highly complex modeling of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and the atmosphere of planets and their moon (s). Supercomputers located in Greenbelt at Goddard Space Flight Center support this work.

The types of activities performed at GISS vary from prediction of the earth’s climate over the next tens to hundreds of years to modeling to simulate the climate of the earth during the dinosaur age, and the effect of human activities on climate change. A new area of research to be supported by us includes the study of Exoplanets – planets in other solar systems, and the possibility of life on these Exoplanets.

GSA Information Technology (IT) Services, Schedule 70

The GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule offers cutting-edge information technology services, HSPD-12 professional services, IPV4 to IPV6 transition services, IT facility operation and maintenance, systems development, programming, telecommunications services including network architecture and management and solutions based IT products.

d3i Systems and its subcontractors can offer a complete single-source solution through the d3i Systems GSA IT Schedule with personnel from any of the numerous labor categories including: program managers; systems analysts; software engineers; cybersecurity engineers, system admins, data warehouse specialists; network engineers; and many more.

Contract: GS35F454GA
SIN 132-51: Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Includes resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, and other services relevant to 29CFR541.400.
GSA Government Web Site:
GSA Federal Supply Service


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Computer Facility Management


Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences


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