“Nobel Prize for Food” - Breaking News

Congratulations to Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig, one of our clients at NASA GISS, for being awarded the 2022 World Food Prize. This was awarded for her “… seminal contributions to understanding and predicting the impacts of the interaction between climate and food systems.”

Our scientists support her work that connects the information from remote sensing into practical benefits for populations and sectors across the world. Powerful computational tools are developed and used to understand the relationship between climate and food systems and forecast how both will change in the future.




Powered by Innovation, guided by Integrity, we help our Customers achieve their most challenging Goals


To deliver enduring products and services that make an impact on the way we live as a free society


We value fairness to all individuals and the way we live as a free society.


Ground robots to moon landers


Bottom of the oceans to the surface of the sun

Information Technology

FPGAs to supercomputers

Mission Support

Administrative to PMO support

Our Story

"If you want to build something big, you have to start with a small step!"

In 2020, d3i Systems was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA by the Inc. magazine.

d3i is a partner in two successful Joint Venture companies.
d3i is the managing member of the TerraTech JV., the prime contractor for the 8(a) STARS III contract

d3i is a member of the SciSpace, the prime contractor for the NASA GISS contract at GSFC.

d3i’s founders bring over 30 years of experience in ‘C’ Level management positions. Having seen the inefficiencies in organizations, d3i was founded so that they could have the freedom to deliver true value to customers. Recognized in newspapers for innovation, they bring a track record of embracing change and seizing opportunities in new ways. In an environment where Strategy, Management, and Technology converge, d3i consistently delivers innovative ideas and valuable solutions by leveraging technology, skill, and experience to help our customers overcome the challenges of today, while we create the opportunities of tomorrow. d3i’s founders bring the best practices that they implemented from PMBoK, ISO and CMMI processes. Agile is a “way of life” in the d3i culture – in the management and in the delivery of services and software.

Years of ‘C” Level experience

Years of ‘C” Level experience

Dollars of contracts managed

Dollars of contracts managed

The race to develop the moon is on –

and we are glad to be a small part of it!

courtesy newyorker.com

Vice President Kamala Harris is briefed by our research scientist on NASA GSFC’s satellites for Earth Sciences & their benefits to mankind. Also present is Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen.

What We Do?

d3i consistently delivers innovative ideas and valuable solutions by leveraging technology, skill, and experience to help our customers overcome the challenges of today, while we create the opportunities of tomorrow.


d3i’s Systems Engineers, with a strong multi-disciplinary engineering background support the system life- cycle of activities from Mission Analysis and CONOPs to Verification and Validation. The scope and complexity of missions are rising as quickly as pressures to reduce the development, deployment and recurrent costs of supporting systems. Our insights can bridge the gap between the users’ operational needs and the technical specifications to deliver the best results for the User.

  • Lander/Bus/CubeSat Systems Engineering
  • Payload Systems Engineering
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Robotics – Flight and Ground
  • Guidance, Navigation, Control
  • Ground Systems and software
  • Flight software systems engineering
  • Technical Management: Fabrication of electrical flight hardware, mechanical systems, propulsion systems, ground hardware.


d3i supports the analytical and software development of complex mathematical models for geophysical phenomenon and systems. We support the deployment of these models on supercomputers for simulation and visualization of scientific phenomenon. d3i develops and maintains analytical and visualization techniques that span different geospatial and time scales to capture the event/phenomenon of interest. We develop and refine complex science data processing algorithms. d3i plans, designs, develops, implement and test science data management systems for science data distribution and archival purposes.

  • Scientific Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
    • Atmospheric
    • Ocean
    • Hydrology
    • Exoplanet
    • Climate Impacts on Society
  • Instruments
    • Systems Engineering
    • On board data management
  • Data Life Cycle
    • Science Objectives
    • Mission Planning
    • Calibration
    • Data Visualization
    • Production Data Sets
    • Data Distribution.

Information Technology

We implement DevOps methodology to improve the quality of software by ensuring that the Development Team has a better understanding of User’s O&M requirements. Our Agile approach enables early delivery of prioritized capabilities – a big help in the uncertain budget environments of today. Deficiencies can be detected and corrected early. In budget scarce environments, we employ open source technologies to migrate applications and databases to the cloud.

Our staff supports your needs for migration to the cloud, private cloud, and containerization of your data center. Our certified CyberSecurity experts can support your needs to implement the latest policies and protect your systems using emerging Threat Analysis tools.


  • Supercomputing
  • Embedded Processor Programming
  • Information Assurance
  • AI
  • App & Web Development
  • Cloud Migration
  • Help Desk

Mission Support

Organizations continue to be challenged with the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource management, forecasting, and other business demands. d3i provides Program Operations support services that include the establishment of a PMO as a center of excellence that implements best practices tailored to the unique requirements of the agency.

  • Program Planning & Control
  • Budgeting & Financial Management
  • Conference Management
  • Business Management
  • Property Management
  • Configuration Management

Who We Serve

d3i is honored to serve several Federal agencies as well as national and international clients.





Contract Vehicles

8(a) STARS III Contract Number: 47QTCB22D0507

Company Name: TerraTech JV, LLC
DUNS:117612449    UEI:      CAGE Code: 8NVF2

Directed awards allowed for orders up to the 8(a) Competitive Threshold.

Contract Ordering Period: 07/02/2021 thru 07/01/2026 with one three-year option
Task Order Performance can go 5 years beyond Contract ordering end date.

8(a) STARS III was awarded under NAICS: 541512, Computer Systems Design Services. Requirements that align with other IT services NAICS codes are within the scope of the STARS III GWAC. These NAICS codes include, but are not limited to 541511, 541513, 541519, 518210.

Program Manager: Ashok Saxena
Program Manager’s Email Address: Ashok.Saxena@d3isystems.com
Program Manager’s Phone Number: 240-424-5761
Contractor Webpage URL: www.d3isystems.com
Link to the GSA STARS III website: www.gsa.gov/stars3

NOAA ProTech-Weather

d3i supports NOAA”s mission to update and plan future meteorological and communications systems in support of the NWS mission and strategic plan to build a weather-ready nation. d3i is a subcontractor on a MAC with a major focus on scientific modeling and simulations. The contract scope includes Engineering and PMO services required to support the Weather domain.


d3i Systems and its subcontractors can offer a complete single-source solution through the d3i Systems eFAST Contract vehicle with personnel from any of the following areas of expertise:

  • Engineering Services
  • Computer/Information Systems Development
  • Business Administration & Management

GSA Schedule 70

SIN 132-51: Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Includes resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, and other services relevant to 29CFR541.400.

GSA Government Web Site: GSA Federal Supply Service

How we innovate

Our d3i Systems Engineering methodology (d3iSE®) enables us to adapt multiple systems engineering frameworks into one that is agile. In uncertain budget constrained environment, d3iSE® enables us to deliver services and products with incremental capabilities and incremental robustness.

As we execute our d3iSE® process, we are guided by our mature and disciplined processes governed by our Quality Management system that integrates our ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and CMMI Level 3 for Dev. Certifications. Quality goes in before our name goes on.

Success is defined by our ability to meet our customers' needs. Every part of our business is focused on quick and agile response, innovative thinking, and a relentless commitment to getting the job done. Powered by Innovation, guided by Integrity, we help our customers achieve their most challenging goals. We treat all employees fairly. We ask their opinions as to how they can be more effective in meeting the customer’s requirements. We ask how management can help.

Who We Need

A diversity of great technology and solutions starts with a diversity of great people. We are looking for a few good men and women who want to make a difference in the world. Personnel with skills that have gone untapped or unnoticed in their workplace. Game changers who believe in themselves and are looking for an environment where they can rise to their full potential.

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  • A company looking for a capable SBA certified 8(a) partner

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